IPC 051FJ specification:
  • Main line section(mm2): 16-95
  • Branch section(mm2): 1.5-10
  • Nominal current(A): 86
  • Bolt Quantity: 1xM8
  • (Nm): 13
  • Piercing depth(mm): F1309

- Piercing Connector for external usage. For Main cables 16-95 and Tap cables 1.5-10. Maximum load: 86A

One of the most used connectors for cables in EU. Similar parameters with all known correspondent products in the market.

-       Suitable for aluminum and / or copper main and branch cables

-       Plastic covers are made of weather and UV resistant thermoplastic

-       Tested according to national and international standards

Piercing connector (IPCs) provide a fast, convenient and reliable method of connecting overhead low voltage lines (mains to tap or mains to other mains). All common types of conductors can be interconnected, including insulated aluminum or copper one. The connectors have been tested and are approved for use by different power distribution utilities.